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Child Support and Spousal Maintenance:

The State of Colorado provides guidelines for calculating child support and spousal maintenance. Important factors included in this formula are as follows;

1.      Monthly gross Income or potential income of each of the parents.

2.      Number of overnights per year that the children will spend with each parent.

3.      Maintenance paid or received.  (If applicable based on incomes of each parent and length of marriage)

4.      Court ordered child support or legal responsibility to children not of this relationship.

5.      Ordered post-secondary education contributions.

6.      Percentage share of income. 40% / 60%

7.      Low income adjustment. (If applicable)

8.      Adjustments: (Expenses paid directly by each parent)

9.      Work-related childcare costs for each parent.

10.  Education-related childcare costs for each parent.

11.  Children’s portion of Health Insurance premium costs.

12.  Extraordinary Medical Expenses.

13.  Extraordinary Expenses.

All of the above are thoughtfully considered when Mr. Hubert works in mediation with parents who are divorcing or legally separating.  Through all of these factors the correct monthly child support, and if applicable,  the correct monthly maintenance, are calculated to the benefit of the children and the parents.

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