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Divorce Mediation Process and Costs: 

The cost of Mr. Hubert’s services to complete a divorce or legally separation for a couple with children averages $450 to $550 per person.  The cost to complete a divorce or legally separation for a couple without children averages $375 to $425 each.

The first mediation session usually runs about 90 minutes.  Mr. Hubert recognizes how stressful this process can be and works compassionately with each of you while gathering the information that he needs to complete your Domestic Relations Case Information Sheet, Petition for Divorce or Legal Separation, and all of your smaller documents that the court requires.

If children are involved in your divorce, Mr. Hubert will work with each in this session to develop a specific customized Parenting Plan.  A strong and fair Parenting Plan is in the best interests of your children and will empower each of you by taking into account your ability to communicate with each other.      

The following day, Mr. Hubert will email you each copies of your Domestic Relations Case Information Sheet and your Petition for Divorce or Legal Separation.  At this point your case may be filed with the court.  A Judge or Magistrate will rule on your Petition for Divorce or Legal Separation between day 91 and 95 from the date that your case is filed. 

Mr. Hubert will also email you each copies of the Sworn Financial Statement with the court information sections completed.  He will be asking you each to enter as much of the information into the document as you are able and email the document back to him prior to your second mediation session.  After he reviews each of your Sworn Financial Statements he will call you with any questions he has or to assist you in completing the document.

In the second mediation session Mr. Hubert will review your completed documents with both of you as well as the Parenting Plan and Child Support Worksheet (if applicable). He will thoughtfully work with both of you incorporating your Sworn Financial Statements to reach agreement on your division of assets and to complete your Separation Agreement and Spousal Support documents (if applicable).  

After the second mediation session Mr. Hubert will complete all of your remaining documents for the court.  


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At Affirm Mediation in Colorado, we provide deal collaboration and civil mediation. We also provide divorce mediation and legal separation including parenting plans and child support. We also provide for division of assets and allocation of debt responsibilities. Affirm Mediation serves Boulder, Estes Park, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield and the Denver metro area. Divorce mediation services are provided in Boulder County, Larimer County, Broomfield County, Denver County, Jefferson County and Adams County.