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Parenting Plans:

Parenting Plans: It is important to customize a parenting plan to meet the needs of the parties involved.  Mr. Hubert's approach is to work with the divorcing or legally separating couple to determine if a Co-Parenting Plan or a Parallel Parenting Plan will be most effective.

 Co-Parenting Plan:  This approach is best for parents who generally are able to get along with each other and have similar values and views of how they want to raise their children.  These parents often have similar parenting styles. This doesn’t mean that they agree on everything. It just means that they can set aside their differences and focus on being cooperative with each other as it relates to the quality of live that they wish to provide for their children.

 Communication between these parents is reasonably cordial.  They each respect the other parent’s ability to make decisions in their children’s best interest.  They are willing to be flexible and accommodate a change to the schedule that might be requested by the other parent.  They are willing to work together for the best interests of their children.

Parallel Parenting Plan: This approach is best for high-conflict parents. These parents find it difficult to separate the on-going issues and negative feelings between the two of them from parenting issues.  Generally they each want to have a positive on-going relationship with their children and they want their children to have a happy high quality life.Due to the high level of conflict between them, these parents need to have less direct contact with each other. Their parenting plans need to be more structured and more specific and detail-oriented than the plans for co-parenting couples.One of the goals of the parallel parenting plan is limit direct communications between the parents so that their ongoing conflict has less negative impact on their children.  It may be necessary to have the parents communicate by email rather than in person.

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