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Internal Business Conflict:

Internal conflict in a business entity between key individuals or company departments can lead to major losses in terms of efficiency, productivity, and non-compliance to company standards when strategic information is not shared. This can endanger the stability of the business.

In internal business conflict resolution, Mr. Hubert acts as a credible neutral third party from outside the organization who is independent from the vested self interests of the parties involved in conflict.

Conflict isn’t necessarily bad. It is an inevitable change agent in any organization and often serves as a course correction mechanism when properly managed. In resolving conflict, Mr. Hubert teaches conflict resolution skills that team members can utilize in future conflicts.

Often Mr. Hubert can enhance the stability and profitability of the business entity by getting each of the key parties to work toward the greater good of the business while still protecting each of their individual power bases.

Mediation Rate: $75.00 per party per hour.

Corporate Conflict Resolution Training:

Mr. Hubert provides Corporate Conflict Resolution Training to help business organizations manage internal and external conflict. If internal conflict goes unchecked it will often lead to new and deeper cycles of conflict. Deeper conflicts foster a breakdown in the corporate culture leading to employee turnover and often internal as well as external lawsuits.

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“Revenue was way down. Our company had fallen victim to the economy. My two partners and I were at a loss. We were each fearful of being forced out of the company by the others. We found ourselves withholding key information from each other to protect our own interests. Our key employees picked up on that and started doing the same thing. Soon we were 35 people in a dysfunctional culture.

We brought in Perry Hubert to work with us. He met individually with the top five people in the company. He then met with the rest of the employees in groups of six. He taught each of the partners how to share information with the others for the greater good of the company. There were times when he was the only person who held all of the keys to the kingdom. He helped us reset our culture and build a successful organization. That was five years ago. Perry is a valuable member of our team who now comes in once a year to perform corporate culture maintenance.”
-Jason M.

“Three years ago my partner and I were not getting along. We were trying to determine which one of us could afford to buy the other out. We brought in Perry to help us establish a fair value for the company and determine who would ultimately own the company. He taught us how to communicate and how to better understand each other’s contributions to the company. We decided to stay together. We survived and then became successful because Perry helped us to better prioritize our objectives and to delegate authority to our employees to achieve our goals.”
-Mary G.

“I serve on the advisory board of a non-profit organization. We were bickering with each other on a monthly basis. In retrospect, our egos were getting in the way. We brought in Perry Hubert to work with us on our conflicting visions for the organization. Perry used great sensitivity and calmness in helped us in creating a collective vision for the greater good of our organization.”
-Executive Board Member




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