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Asset Division:

Equitable Division of Assets: Equitable distribution refers to the division of assets and debts acquired during a marriage.  It does not matter if a particular asset or debt is titled in one spouse’s name.  As long as the asset or debt was acquired during the marriage, with a few notable exceptions, it is considered marital property and will be divided in an equitable manner. 

Examples of Marital Assets:

1.      The home

2.      Vacation home

3.      Income property

4.      Time shares

5.      Cars, trucks, RV’s,  motorcycles, boats

6.      Bank accounts

7.      Stocks, bonds

8.      Retirement accounts, pensions

9.      Furnishings

10.  Value of a business owned during the marriage


Examples of Marital Debts:

1.      Mortgage(s)

2.      Credit card debt

3.      School loans

4.      Lines of credit


Mr. Hubert works closely with couples in mediation to discuss and decide how best to distribute these assets and debts in a way that will work best for each party. 

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