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Post-Divorce and Post-Legal Seperation Conflict:

It is common for many divorced or separated individuals to retain negative emotions that occasionally fuel ongoing conflict. At Affirm Mediation, a priority of Mr. Hubert is in preemptive problem solving. One key to successful mediation is in recognizing areas of future conflict and developing a working strategy that satisfies both individuals in reaching resolution. Adding a written plan to the Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan to address these or other potential issues adds greater peace of mind.

Unique to Affirm Mediation, is a “Closed Loop Protocol” developed by Mr. Hubert to be utilized in Parenting Plans and Seperation Agreements.  By employing this strategy, a potential conflict has a written scaffold for the two individuals to resolve their conflict without ever returning to court.

Essentially, if a disagreement POST divorce or separation should arise, both individuals agree to wait for 24 hours before attempting to resolve the issue. If after the first 24 period, no solution is reached, both parties agree to wait a second 24 hour period before making another attempt to resolve the disagreement. If there is still no resolution after that time frame, the parties agree to meet in mediation with a mutually agreed upon mediator who practices mediation / arbitration.  The mediator will attempt to mediate an agreement.  If that fails the mediator arbitrates a decision that the parties shall abide by.  Thus creating a “Closed Loop Protocol” in which the parties never return to court.

In the vast majority of cases the conflict is resolved in the 48 hour window prior to returning to mediation.  Most conflict requiring mediation is resolved in mediation.  There are only four known cases that required an arbitrated decision.

Mr. Hubert will gladly work with any persons struggling with post-divorce or separation issues, even if he did not participate in the initial divorce or legal separation process.

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At Affirm Mediation in Colorado, we provide deal collaboration and civil mediation. We also provide divorce mediation and legal separation including parenting plans and child support. We also provide for division of assets and allocation of debt responsibilities. Affirm Mediation serves Boulder, Estes Park, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield and the Denver metro area. Divorce mediation services are provided in Boulder County, Larimer County, Broomfield County, Denver County, Jefferson County and Adams County.